How to manually update a detailed history KPI goal

Following are the different methods and steps to update a detailed history KPI goal:

  • From “Me Page” Click on the goal to which you want to add data. In this case we will select “Customer NPS Score” goal.



  • Click on the "Table Icon" below “History”



  • The table view page opens which displays the previously entered data points along with the input fields for new date and data points.  



  • Click on the “Date” field to select date for the data point.



  • Enter the data point in the “Value” field and click “Add”



  • The entered data point will be displayed in the current value according to the “Goal calculation” settings and the “Threshold limits”. In this case “Sum goal calculation” which displays a current value of “100” in green color.


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    Mark Hume

    Why go and complicate things! It was fine beforehand.

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