Release 17.088 (Mobile Build)

We are pleased to announce enhanced functionality around User Engagement scores.

Site Admins can now view engagement scores of all the users in their organization. To view users scores, click on More (in the left side menu) and Users, on the Manage Users page you will see a bar between user profile photo and name which display's the respective users engagement score.


To view the Engagement score in numbers, hover on to the bars, tooltips will display the user Engagement Scores in "number" (say 64% or 26%)

Dashboard layout updated for small screens

When viewing your dashboard on smaller screens (on mobiles, tablets or laptops) the Water cooler will no longer be displayed on your dashboard screen. This gives you the full screen width to view goals on your dashboard.


To view water cooler, click on the Water cooler icon on the bottom menu which navigates you to the water cooler

Minor UI upgrades to Meetings

Users are now sorted alphabetically when adding user comments.


The issue with multi line formatting of user names has been resolved.

04.png is delighted to announce one of our most highly anticipated and requested features for mobile. Meetings are now available for Android tablets and some Android phones with high pixel density. For those iOS users, a version for iOS will be available in the near future.


Please note that when in a meeting on mobiles or a tablet, comments will not display profile pictures, they will only display names to save screen space.

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