Release 17.085 Notes

New Features

Seen the progress bars underneath your picture on your RESULTS dashboard? Good - that means you're probably improving your engagement score, which is what the bars show.

Engagement Score Display

The top one is the overall Company engagment score, and the one under it is your personal engagement:


They're color-coded, of course:

  • Less than 29% = RED
  • Between 30% and 59% = YELLOW
  • Greater than 60% = GREEN

Hover on them and a tooltip will display the value as a percentage:


The scores are calculated based upon:


The percentage of users that have done at-least 3 actions within the last 8 days.


The percentage of actions performed by the user in the platform over the last 8 days.

Connect conversations are not included in Engagement scores calculations because if they were, everyone would be at 100% all the time.

Please note that weekends are currently included when calculating a score. We know that's not optimal for part-time employees or contract workers, and we will build functionality to limit the calculation to "working days" in the near future.

Suspend Users

We are happy to release the ability to suspend users along with deleting users. To suspend a user, go to user management page and click on the delete icon corresponding to the user you want to suspend. Now in the right side pane at the bottom you will see options to suspend the user along with other options to delete the user.


The new options mean:

  • Disable their ability to login, while retaining their account in-tact and unmodified.
  • "Reassign goals and tasks" -- A "Who?" input will appear below so you can tell RESULTS to whom you want this person's goals and tasks assigned. 

  • "Archive goals and tasks" -- If you choose to archive the users goals
  • "Delete goals and tasks" -- If you choose to delete the users goals with out archiving or assigning to another user

Un-Suspend Users

To un-suspend, go to user management page and click on the delete icon corresponding to the user you want to un-suspend. Now in the right side pane at the bottom you will see options to un-suspend the user. 

Un-suspending the user will grant the users ability to login back with their account in-tact and unmodified.


Connect Upgrades

Creating New Groups

When in Connect, you can now create new Groups by just clicking on the "+" icon corresponding to "Groups".


That "+" takes you to the 'New Group' creation pane:


Opening Goals from Connect

Now you can open a goal right from Connect Goal conversations. You will see a new icon to the left of notifications icon.


Clicking on the icon will launch goal overlay for you to view the goal info. Close the goal overlay to get back to Connect.



Bug Fixes

  • Issues with users unable to view their team goals should be resolved
  • Issues with "Roll Up" to parent option missing when editing child goals are resolved
  • Unable to delete Users
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