Release 17.080 Notes

New Features

We Updated OKR name to Projects and KPI name to Metrics on Goal Creation Page
You can now post comments for data points for Metric goals
Completing a task on an OKR goal will post a comment into the Connect channel for that goal
For Google Sheets integration goals, spreadsheet name and cell number are now displayed under Goal properties
Real Time Support for Strategy Plan. When Site Admin's are updating Company strategic plan and a user has the plan open, then all the components saved by site admin will now be updated in realtime on other users view


Bug Fixes

Issues with Sum and Average goals are not taking into consideration 1st day of the month should be resolved now.
Images, Hyperlinks and Emoticons now auto-size per screensize and do not pop out of notes review
You can now delete integrations from integrations management page without needing to refresh every time you delete. A confirmation message to delete the integration provider is also added
Print icon not working for strategic plan
Editing Meetings does not change meeting time
In Strategy Plan, progression box disappearing after screen resizing is resolved
The Strategic Plan on both the list view and within the plan should show the correct "Last updated" date which includes the date that the data on the plan was last updated.
In card view if you expand some boxes and move the goals around, the expanded boxes will position themselves over the contracted boxes obstructing them from being viewed. This issues is resolved now
Graphs now display the correct date range when selected Financial Year date range 
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