Release 17.070 Notes

Better Goal View & Functionality

Ever since we began providing Quarterly Strategic Review workshops to our GROW clients, we've seen an exponential increase in the number of people who cascade their strategy through their organization with Child Goals.

And so, to make it as easy as possible for you to see how your goals are related – and who is responsible for them – we have revolutionized the way you view your goals on the Dashboard and Teams.

First, we made some cosmetic improvements. We combined the Tile and Card view into the new Widget view. To toggle between Widget and List, click on the widget icon on the right hand top of dashboard or team page view.


We'll focus on Widget view here. You can see that the Goal tiles are bigger now because many people give their Goals long names, and the new tiles will display them nicely.

Every Goal tile now also includes the avatar of the person who owns it, making it as easy as possible to see who should be acknowledged and who might need assistance. As always, simply hover over the avatar to start a Connect conversation with that person with one click.

The tiles can also be expanded for more detail. In the same area as the avatar, you'll find an arrow; click it and the tile will expand.


What you see then depends on the type of Goal it is.


For OKR's

OKR's will display a Progress bar in collapsed view. The colour of the bar shows the status of the OKR, and next to it you have the Target and Variance, same as always.


When they are expanded, the view changes some but not much.


For Metrics

In collapsed view, metrics will display the current value with target and variance. The current value will be displayed in the color that denotes the status of the goal.


In expanded view, the tile will show you the last 12 months of data graphed. It will show you a bar or line graph depending on what type you last viewed when you opened the Goal. If you want to change the graph type, open the Goal by clicking on it, and then change the graph type on the History tab.


Goal Drilldown

The most powerful new features are represented by icons that appear in the same space as the avatar. Whether or not they appear depends on the functions attached to the goal, so at times you may see all, some, or none of the attribute icons.

Connect Icon
Collaborate in Context 

Appears when the goal has comments attached to it.

If you star a Goal, and there are unread messages in its Connect thread, the unread count will be shown on the icon.

Click on it, goal detail modal window opens and the Connect conversation can be seen in the right hand side of goal overlay.

Strategic Plan Icon
Cascading Strategy
Appears when the goal is part of your Strategic Plan.  09.png
Relationships Icon
Goal Drilldown

If the goal has children (anywhere in the system) then it shows the relationship icon. Clicking this icon will display the hierarchy of the child goals. Selecting any of the goals will open them in the goal detail modal window.


  • Only three levels of the goal hierarchy are available. The Parent, the immediate Children of that parent, and the Child goals of those Children.
  • In the case of Starred goals, if a user has starred both a Parent and a Child of that parent goal, then both goals will display on the user's dashboard. From the Child goal the user can Drill Down to access the grandchild and great-grandchild goals
  • For Assigned goals, if a user is assigned a Parent and a Child of that parent, only the Parent goal will be displayed. The user will need to "drill down" to access the child goals.
  • The "Drill Down" process will allow access to ALL CHILDREN of the parent goal, not just goals that are starred or assigned to the user.
  • Team goals will work in the same way as Assigned goals, in that only the top-most Parent goal is displayed, and Child goals can only be accessed by the Drill Down process.




As with all of the RESULTS dashboards, your last view of the dashboard will be retained, so on your return you can continue from where you last left off.

Regarding Mobile:

Please note that the Goal display detects browser width, and when there is little space, it automatically shifts to the Widget view. That means you'll always see Widget view on your phone. You can play with this on your laptop, too, because it is dynamic. You will see it change as you change browser width manually. On other devices, such as tablets, expanding or contracting the menu and/or side panel may disable List View and automatically switch to Widget.

Disabling These Enhancements

Should you still prefer the old view, you can switch back by checking "Disable Goal Drilldown" from the User Preferences screen.


Toggle to View Your Upcoming Meetings in the Water Cooler panel

No need to navigate to the Calendar to check the time of an upcoming Meeting. Find the new calendar icon at the top left of the Water Cooler, click on it and your upcoming Meetings will be listed.


Collapse the Water Cooler Panel

Since the Goal tiles got bigger, we knew you'd want more space to view them. We also know you'll want the space for upcoming developments that we know you'll love. You can already collapse the menu on the left hand side of the screen, and now you can collapse the Water Cooler as well. The toggle is at the bottom, same as the Menu:


We are constantly working on improving your Results experience and happy to release more improvements to notifications performance across the platform.

When certain actions around goals or tasks happens, the email notifications to users who have specified to receive email notifications around those actions will be receiving emails faster.


Update to the Date Range selector


The options for the date range selector have been updated to include:

  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Quarter
  • This Financial Year
  • Year to Date
  • 12 Months to Date (Default)
  • Last Week
  • Last Month
  • Last Quarter
  • Last Financial Year
  • Last Calendar Year
  • Custom


Connect Conversation truncation

People love Connect, and they have conversations in it constantly. Some of them can get quite long, so to make it easier for you to keep the ideas flowing, as soon as a post has more than 6 replies, it will start showing only the latest 4. The rest of them are still there. Just click on the link that says "Show...more replies."



Bug Fixes

Importing Integration goals does not properly set timezone

Importing Detailed History goals does not properly set timezone

When in calendar weird error message is displayed when clicked on a meeting
Due date is not removed even after clearing and saving for detailed history goals
Unable to import goal thresholds and values



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