Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

These shortcuts work in Meetings, Connect and Watercooler.

  • Surrounding text with asterisks (*) will bold the text.
  • Surrounding text with underscore (_) will display in Italics
  • Surrounding text in greater than and less than characters will make the text hidden.
  • Hyphen (-) will make that line of text a bullet list. All you have to do is start a new line with a "-" and to indent, use more "--"
  • `!` + `url.jpg` for displaying image thumbnails. For instance, to display an image from google type !
  • `!v!` + `url.mp4` for displaying video thumbnails
  • `!yt!` + `youtube share url` for youtube
  • `!s!` + `url.mp3` for audio
  • `---` for horizontal line
  • Surrounding text with 3 pipe strokes ``` can be used to display text for codes
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