Import Thresholds for Integration Goals


  • Click on More > Import Data and select “Insert Goal Thresholds” option

  • To download the import template, please click here.
  • Dates in the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' columns must have the format: month/day/year.
  • Please note that you can import limits for only one goal at a time.
  • Thresholds must be added either before or after all existing thresholds. The import will fail if the new thresholds overlap with existing thresholds. This is to prevent overwriting existing thresholds as this can affect the accuracy of historical data.
  • The goal id must be in the file name with the format ' - My Thresholds.csv' E.g. '1778873 - New thresholds.csv'. For goal ID, open the goal and in the url, number followed by /goals/1900317 will be the goal ID. Please see attached screenshot:


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