How to install excel widget for Macs

For Mac

  • After successfully downloading the Add-in, open excel and click on Tools > Add-ins and in the popup window click on 'Browse'. Search for the downloaded add-in file on your desktop and add to the Add-ins available list. Select the Resultsexcel add-in and click 'Ok'
  • Click on 'Data' tab and you should now see 'Link Cell to Goals" option (generally on the left top corner).


  • Click on the icon and please enter your user credentials and click on "Login"


  • After successfully Logging into your account, you should now be able to see your name and more options, "Goals" and "Synchronize".


  • Click on "Goals" to view list of all your goals. Also you should now be able to see more options "Link Cell", "Delete Link" and "Refresh"
  • To see all Goals in Alphabetical order - click on "Goal Name" in the grid


  • In this case, we are updating "Testing Excel Widgets" goal. You can see below that the goal has no data entered


  • Click on the "Goal" you want to update and click on the "Cell" which you want to link with the goal. In this case, "Testing Excel Widgets" goal and A3 cell.


  • After selecting the cell, click on "Link Cell". You should now be able to see the linked Cell number and Value of the goal. Now click on "Synchronize".


  • On the next page click on "Synchronize" and you should see number of "Goals Updated" in green and the list of goals updated in the field below.


  • The goal in your account should now be updated, in this case is "Testing Excel Widgets"


  • To delete/unlink a goal, first click anywhere on the goal you want to unlink and click on "Delete Link".


  • To update multiple goals, click on the goal and link with the Cell and repeat the process for all the goals you need to update and click "Synchronize".



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