Release 17.10 Notes

New Features

Annual Reset for Detailed History Goals

Many Goals and most BHAGs take some time to accomplish, so RESULTS has made it possible for Detailed History Goals to reset annually.

We've also enabled you to determine what "annually" means. Many companies align their strategic plan with a Fiscal Year rather than a Calendar Year. Now RESULTS can accommodate your Fiscal Year.

Only Administrators can find this functionality. Navigate to More > Company and scroll to "Organization Settings." Click on the "Edit" icon, and a new function will appear in the right hand panel.

Use it to select the month when your Fiscal Year begins. If you don't select anything, your Fiscal Year will be the same as a Calendar Year.

After you have set up your Fiscal Year, here's how use the Annual Reset function:

  1. For New Detailed History Goals: On the KPI Properties page, under Reset Interval, you'll see a new dropdown. It will default to "Calendar," but can be easily changed to "Fiscal." Be sure to click "Save" when done.
  2. For Existing Detailed History Goals: Click on the Goal, then Cog wheel on the right top corner and select Edit. Click 'Next' and navigate to the KPI Properties page, where you'll find the dropdown to make your selection.

Reskinning Graphs

Since you use RESULTS to keep your company strategically aligned, you certainly rely upon Goal visualizations to give you a snapshot of a particular team's or employee's performance. So we just gave your Goal visualizations a major upgrade.

Now you can view any Goal across any date range you choose. Since RESULTS saves your historical data for you, when you visualize your Goals you'll see exactly the same data that was reported at your Meetings, keeping everyone on the same page and making sure that your transparency is consistent and constructive.

Date Picker:

When viewing a Goal, click on the Date Picker and new panel opens up below it.

First, to orient yourself, click on "Date Range." Here, you can pick ranges such as "Last Week" or "Last Quarter." Notice that you can pick "Financial Year," too, which will show data from the beginning of your Financial Year, as your Admin defined it with the new Financial Year functionality.

If you want a different range than one of the predefined ones, simply enter the Start and End dates that you want by clicking on the date's box and choosing the date on the calendar:


Once you've established your date range, you can toggle your view to see columns displayed for Days, Weeks or Months. Notice how the background changes in the screenshots below; one of the nicest things about these views is the way the color-coded thresholds shift to remain perfectly accurate.

There are two limitations, due to performance considerations:

  1. You can view up to 52 Weeks. If you want to view data across several years, please use the Month view.
  2. You can view up to 31 Days. If you want to view data across several months, please use the Week view.


Month-end values determine the column's height. For the current month, it will show the value month-to-date.

Roll over any column, and RESULTS will display three values:

  1. The end-of-month target, prorated in accordance with the Goal's set-up
  2. The actual end-of-month value, or the month-to-date value for the current month
  3. The variance


Since you determine when a week starts and which days it includes, each column represents a week as you defined it.

Roll-over a column and it will display the same three values, but for a week:

  1. The end-of-week target, prorated in accordance with the Goal's set-up
  2. The actual end-of-week value, or week-to-date for this week
  3. The variance

In this example, we see how RESULTS displays a Goal that has an annual reset, whose week starts on Monday and ends on Friday, and that is prorated from zero every week. Notice that the thresholds in the background reflect your strategic target over the entire date range.


You can navigate to this view from either of the charts above. In Month or Week view, click on a column and RESULTS will show you the daily view for that Month.

Roll-over a column, and, once again, you'll see the same three values:

  1. The end-of-day target, prorated in accordance with the Goal's set-up
  2. The actual end-of-day value, or it's current value
    (Please note that RESULTS synchs up with outside data sources every three hours, so there may be discrepancies.)
  3. The variance

The view below follows from the views above. If you clicked on the Month of December, or any Week in December, you would get this chart.


We replaced the Graph, Data and Thresholds icons with text. Since there are no universally accepted icons for these terms, the text makes it easier to navigate:


Update to Import Functionality for Integration Goals

Integration goal import has now been updated with the new properties. This eliminates the need for users to manually update the properties when creating new goals.

Below is the list of all new fields, including their default value if not specified and the values that are accepted as part of the import.

Field Name
Default Value if not specified
Values Accepted
Goal Scope Yes   Individual OR Team
Format Yes   Currency OR Number OR Percentage
Decimal Places No 0 0 ( OR any positive integer)
Goal Value Calculation No Current Average OR Current OR Sum
Reset Interval No Never Never OR Every Day OR Every Week OR Every Month OR Every Quarter OR Every Year
Work Days No All 7 Days All 7 Days OR List at least 1 work day in a week
Reminder Interval No Yesterday Yesterday OR Last week OR Last Month
First Day Of The Week No Sunday Sunday OR Any week day
Target Threshold No 100 100 OR Any number (positive or negative)
Warning Threshold No 80 80 OR Any number (positive or negative)
Pro-Rating Strategy No Neither / Both Neither / Both OR From Zero OR Not from Zero
Timezone No Defaulted from goal owners time zone Defaulted from goal owner time zone


For time zone please use the 'Time zone name' ID's in the link below"


Resolved Issues

  • Duplicate meetings will not be created after editing Recurring Meetings time 
  • Threshold limits on graphs hover messages will be calculating accurately 
  • In Connect you can now upload more than 3 images at once without any issues 
  • New goals created on Me page will display without needing to refresh 
  • On Teams page, Teams will not change order after updating/editing goals 
  • User login issues when a Goal has same Start and Due date are resolved 
  • Scroll bar in Appcues help content is now visible 
  • Help Dialog - Appcues flow titles do not include the dates
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