How to view another users Dashboard

As a Manager in RESULTS you'll often want to be able to access to dashboards of your team so you can see what goals and tasks they're currently working on.

There are three ways to do this in RESULTS.

Through the Individual Goal Review agenda item.  The Individual Goal Review is a recommended agenda item for your 1:1 meeting.  Once added to your meeting you'll see a new option appear to select whose goals will be reviewed in the meeting.  Typically the Manager would only want to select their team member at this point since the 1:1 will be focused on reviewing their goals.



By going to your Teams page and clicking on their name.  When viewing someones goals from the your teams page you'll only be able to see the goals that are associated with that particular team.  If you click on an individuals name from this page this will take you to their dashboard where you'll get a full view of all of the goals and tasks that have been assigned to them outside of your team.



By clicking on their name in a Connect conversation.  This can be done either by hovering over their name in a comment they created or hovering over their name in an @mention.  Once there you will see a bubble appear which has a profile icon, clicking on this icon will take you to their individual dashboard. 


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